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  • Hi from Dunk

    This is my first post, so I guess I should introduce myself.
    I'm Dunk live in Leeds UK.
    Have been making "mini movies" for about a year-ish. All started when I wanted to see if I could make an action movie starring my 8yr old boy with cerebral palsy as the main star.
    As my youtube channel has grown, I've ended up making sequels to my "Family Wars" series.
    And more "FX Tester vids"
    Don't really know any other film makers, so I thought it would be a good idea to join this site.
    To get ideas, feedback, Fx tips etc etc. ..
    And try and contribute to the site too.
    Can't upload a link till I've been on here over a day.
    But if you type in "Family Wars 3" in youtube,[at]My vid is the top result.
    Hope you like it & look forward to contributing to this site. :)

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    Hey Dunk! You will find a heap of information here. Also you are now a part of the friendliest filmmaking community on the net.

    Do you have a video you can post? (Oh wait, first day you might not be able to post links i dont know if that rule is still here)


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      I tried posting a link but have to be a member for more than a
      So I'll post up a link to my channel tomorrow or something.
      But it's easy to find if you search for Family Wars 3 on YouTube.

      I use after effects for the FX in my vids.
      Am still getting to grips with it, but it never fails to impress me.
      Should start making Family Wars 4 very soon...just working on the new FX I'll be using for it....including shockwaves, flying, matrix style bullet ripples & matrix style "vision" eg..How Neo see's the matrix world.
      I'm constantly trying to improve the FX in every stay tuned. :)

      Hope you like my vids, if you search for em and will def post up direct links when I can.


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        And thanks for the warm welcome :)
        Sorry for the double post. :|


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          Originally posted by DUNK-ALMIGHTY View Post
          And thanks for the warm welcome :)
          Sorry for the double post. :|
          Welcome DUNK!
          Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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            Welcome to the FMF Dunk!


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              Well It's been over 24 hours now, so here goes.......

              Here's my latest vid

              And heres my channel. :)


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                Welcome to the forum!