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  • Montreal based Filmmaker

    Hey everyone,
    I'm completely new to this website, pleasure to meet you all!
    I'm a Montreal based Director and Producer working on some cool projects trying to make my way up! What is everyone in here working on these days? I'm sure that the level creativity and potential running through this website must be huge! Tell me what your latest project is and link to it if it's already online! On my side, I just shot a music video for Wyclef Jean and hoping to make it really cool. Of course I did not get full creative control but did what I could with what I had! Will link to it on this thread once it's online!

    Now your turn!

    Montreal Director

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    Hello Patrick Barbeau,

    You should be interested by our festival which is FFMM : Festival du Film Muet de Montréal. Are you ready to enter the challenge of making a short film with no dialogue?

    Worldwide Submission :

    - No dialogues
    - No subtitles
    - Credit (Only text accepted)
    - Audio/SFX (Accepted)
    - Original Music

    We look forward to see your short film!

    All best,

    FFMM Team


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      You are responding to a 4 year old thread.


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        Hello Mick,

        Thank you for the feedback. You are right. I didn't knew that. However, maybe other people could be interested if they see this thread.

        All best,

        FFMM Team