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    Hey guys, I'm making a very low-budget film over the summer so I can't pay the actors that I use. How to I keep them involved if I can't pay them and they're not so keen? What can I do to convince them to be a part of my film?
    Christian Radclyffe

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    You can offer them cast credit and tell them it's good for their resumes.
    L A Morgan
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      A credit and possible backend points. (Percentage of the sales of the film)
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        Also promise (and deliver!) a copy of the final version of the movie plus a clip for their acting reel.
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          I recommend looking to use students. It's worked for me, because certain acting classes requires footage of their performance to be a part of their portfolio. The ones that I worked with where happy to do it as long as they received copies of the film, as mentioned above.
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            Make something short. You mention that your cast is "not so keen." If this is the case and these are the only actors you can get, you just have to make something short. You can get some people who aren't all that into it to commit to a few days of shooting. If you're trying to make a feature with people who are not into it, you are just asking for a world of trouble.


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              Number one rule: feed them! A hungry actor is a pissed off actor.

              But, yes, also a copy of the finished film, and help them with their demo reel if they want or have one.

              Kurt Hathaway