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  • Sanctuary

    Father Damien is a Catholic priest in Bergamo Italy during World War II and he is considered a leader in his community. Several citizens from the community seek sanctuary in his church running from the German occupation that threatens their very lives. A renegade German battalion decides to inflict as much pain on the various communities they raid on their way to Switzerland to sit out the balance of the war enjoying their spoils. The German occupation takes on a new purpose when the leader of the battalion learns of Father Damien's role in the underground.

    The book is the first book in a trilogy called Father Damien's War:
    1) Sanctuary, published by
    2) Restitution, published by
    3) The Dark Society in production

    Terry W. Drake?s Book Collection

    The Movie:
    Looking for a producer

    Sanctuary the Movie: by TERRY W DRAKE — Kickstarter