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    What technique do you guys use for holding the camera? I've been testing out some shots because I'm going to be the DP on an upcoming Action project for a company and need to be able to do alot of fluid handheld shots. Today it seems I can't keep the camera freaking smooth without you being able to see my footsteps in the footage! I used to know a technique for that, but how would you guys do it other than telling me to buy a shoulder rig lol Kind of a weird question, i know

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    If shooting with a dslr, get a soft strap so it doesn't hurt your neck. Then, hold the camera as far out as you can, and the strap acts as an additional point of contact, slightly smoothing the shot. It looks weird, but helps.



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      I just bought an active video grip (from Best Buy near the tripods, it was only $30!). So far it's been incredible, I love it! I've also made a few rigs which have been a HUGE help because making them saves a lot of money (you can look up videos on YouTube). The shots are fluid, even without correction in post, and make the camera a lot more easy to hold.
      I shoot with a Canon 60D.


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        Invest in a stabilizer.


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          Two of my friends happened to have a shoulder rig I could use! whoop whoop