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Hey Guys, It's me Quill, check out this "Trailer" to my "Short"

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  • Hey Guys, It's me Quill, check out this "Trailer" to my "Short"

    Hey Guys check out this trailer to my short I'm doing, titled : " Take 2 "..Let me know what you think. I know you guys feel special being filmakers, lol.. Imagine being an Actor/Filmaker like me..Well I'm new to Filmaking, not to Acting..All these years of Acting, you guys should have told me how fulfilling Filmaking was.. I blame you all, LOL, LOL, LOL Just joking, but I love it...Check out my trailer, don't forget to tell what you think : Thanks Guys & God Bless :)..Quill

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    Too much shoe leather. Audio was too hot. No action. But we're happy your here. And keep working on technique.


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      Quill, Keep it up man! Director was right on, and I do see Nick's posts and how he first asks the filmmaker what they think of their video, so since Nick has not responded yet, were you thinking the same thing Director said before you posted the video here?

      Again, glad to have you and looking forward to seeing more of your videos!


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        Wow, you are right..Thanks for the insight Mark..God bless you.. :) Quill


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          We all got to start somewhere, so don't feel bad for the critiques. Just use them to help you get better my man :) Glad that you're making the jump to get into the film-making side of it though. Us film-makers gotta stay together!


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            I thought this was very well done. It caught my interest and I liked the music.
            L A Morgan
            Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music