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Top 5 Film Schools in the USA

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  • Top 5 Film Schools in the USA

    This will be a list of the top five film schools in the USA compiled by members and voting in this topic.

    I noticed that many people have been asking about film schools so I thought I would create a topic that list the top 5 film schools out there.

    Post a reply and I will add the list - You all tell me which should be in what order

    #1 ??

    #2 ??

    #3 ??

    #4 ??

    #5 ??

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    I thought this topic may be interesting, so I subscribed.



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      1. University of Southern California
      2. American Film Institute
      3. Beijing Film Academy
      4. University of California Los Angeles
      5. NYU Tisch School of the Arts
      This is off the Internet and these were all the average top 5 schools in specific order. I would just like to add that Full Sail University Also looks like it has a great program and would probably be in the top 20 at least.


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        Don't go to Full Sail. I'm not sure if I have ever heard a decent word about it. If you are going to spend the money and you are looking to do something like Motion Graphics, Visuals, Audio...then go to the Art Institute. But if you are wanting to act or anything of that nature find a nice film school.


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          You haven't read anything I have said about Full Sail then Havey. I personally love my school and have no issues with it. The fact that I got 10k+ worth of gear in one shot to start making films was great. Yes it goes in with your tuition but who has 10k laying around to buy a prosumer camera Sony NEX FS100, a Macbook Pro Laptop, $2000 worth of editing software, a 3 light kit and a Monfrotto tripod? I get to keep all the gear after I graduate as well. No other film school gives you gear to start out and keep.


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            They might give you the equipment, but you are paying for the education and the portfolio you end up with. I have just never heard a good word about the educational part of the school.


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              56 Full Sail Graduates Worked on the Avengers.

              38 Full Sail Graduates Worked on Several Oscar Winning Films.

              There are many more instances of this. I would say the education is doing just fine for those that apply what they learn. I forgot to mention for those that go to the campus they are now taking students to film WWE's NXT show to give them real world experience in a television setting. Oh and Ryan Connley of Film Riot went to Full Sail as well.
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                Yeah I looked at Full Sail and I've seen nothing but positive comments about it and the whole film school looks state of the art with a legit studio!