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Tagg the movie vol. 1

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  • Tagg the movie vol. 1

    Hello, im an up and coming filmmaker...

    My project is the first chapter of three short films i plan to shoot titled "tagg". Once all three films are completed, they will be put together as one feature film with three chapters. This film is about a group of friends that have taken the game of tagg to the next level.

    There are motorcycle chases,

    paintball shoot outs,

    and the task of collecting all clues to figure out where the games prize will be located.

    Im trying to raise money for several reasons. 1st to submit the first chapter of the film into as many film festivals as possible. 2nd to begin production on the second chapter of the film. 3rd reason is so that i can afford a crew with some experience so i can produce a high quality film. I have produced a soundtrack for this film. It is now available on itunes "tagg the soundtrack vol 1".

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    interesting why to do that with the chapters, good luck!
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      why chapters?

      the chapters are basicly Act 1 Act 2 Act 3... I shot act 1 myself... they story line for act 2 will be based on a budget.. I wanna make each film better than the last..


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        Thanks always a good goal, looking forward to see
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