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  • Hello....?

    (I really never know how to title introductions)

    Hey guys, I'm a (hopefully) to-be filmmaker in New Jersey. I've always had an interest in horror, but mainly horror films that were really iconic (or at least what I consider iconic) in the evolution of horror films. (Nosferatu, Blair Witch Project, some people would argue these weren't very significant)

    I also try to do comedy skits, though none of them have worked out yet. I have lot's of them written down, but I homeschool so I don't have many people helping me out much, aside from my brothers who both don't really want to help.

    I also have recently taken a large interest in surrealism, though I rarely see anyone making surrealist films or short-films. Actually I've never seen anyone in modern times make one. The point is, I do have a story-line (Not exactly a [I]story[I] of course) for a surrealist short-film.

    So, I have essentially no experience, no crew, and very little budget. And that's pretty much it. Cyal on the forum.

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    Welcome to the Filmmaking Support forum of the FUTURE!!!

    I started out
    essentially no experience, no crew, and very little budget. And that's pretty much it
    So you can too! :0
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      Hello, welcome to the forums. Comedy ain't easy. That's what makes it fun!
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        I started out going to school for Game Art & Design, then switched to Filmmaking. I'm in a lot of debt now and realize a lot of the stuff I've learn I could of gotfrom online tutorials and practical use. So don't feel down. My suggestion is to practice... a lot!

        If you're starting out with no gear, start by buying used equipment, building up from a camera, then once you get the hang of cinematography (online tutorials) get yourself some audio gear. (Recorder (Tascam Dr100, and a decent shotgun mic and boom pole)

        I'm already getting too far ahead. Focus on story telling(scripting, storyboarding, pre-prod*) ---> then work on getting equipment ---> then practice like crazy


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          I have always been fascinated with Surrealism, something that may be due to my past with Lucy in the Sky(Get it?) lol. Nice to see someone else with an interest in it. Welcome to the forums.


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            Welcome hehehe
            ONE OF US

            hope to see you around
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              Thank you all for the hello's! Also sleazy made me laugh, and I'm not sure why.

              Well I already own a shotgun mic and a fairly nice camera with a fairly nice tripod. As of now I haven't been able to get this whole surrealism thing out of my head, which sucks because I wouldn't be using any of the equipment I already own. (the idea, or even challenge, was to film something that looked home-made, but still took a surreal position. The other idea was to do it in Super 8.)

              The one comedy skit that I did begin to film was cut short... Mainly because my brother wanted a sandwich. Although the boom mic was too close to a florescent light, so the audio we recorded was useless anyway.


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                When I took my first shot at film making my brothers and sisters weren't very helpful either, so I have a lot of home video of my dog from the time. I was going for a homeward bound sort of thing.

                It can be frustrating not having anyone to work with, it might be worth it to find a local film festival or something similar and volunteer. If you meet some other aspiring filmmakers they might be willing to crew up with you.
                "It's all make believe, isn't it."


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                  All I can you is to keep at it! I'm new too, and sometimes it CAN be hell to put together a film.

                  If something isn't challenging, is it really worth achieving?

                  Anyways, welcome to the site man!


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                    You should try to participate here: 48 Film Project - International short film competition it is a great experience