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Greetings from Virginia!

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  • Greetings from Virginia!


    I just stumbled upon the boards and was impressed with what I saw here. I decided to join up, and long story short, here I am now.

    Anyway, I'm Brent Funkhouser. I used to be on the Indy Mogul forums before the website was shut down and haven't been on a film forum since. A little about myself, I've been "film making" for about 5 years but have only gotten serious about it in the last two years or so. I mostly do shorts, however I attempted an unsuccessful feature over the past summer. Though it did not work out, I did learn a lot from the process and was able to tie together what we were able to accomplish into an 18 minute short.

    Besides film making, I have an interest in history, which I often tie into my films.

    Currently, I'm working on a short film (roughly 25 minutes) set in the Vietnam War called "The Divide". This isn't meant to be a typical explosive/action-packed film or a political statement. Rather, the film follows a group of Americans serving as advisors to the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) in the days before the American buildup. After a shot rings out in their camp at night, the Americans find their Captain murdered with strong evidence that it was one of them who did it. Suspicion begins to build as more evidence rises up and the group tears itself apart.

    I have a good start at the film and I'm lucky enough to have some good people backing me up in the processes. In addition to this, I have set a goal to make a short film every month this year (the past two months excluded), so I will post updates on that as I go along.

    Thank you, I look forward to exploring this board and improving my abilities.


    Facebook page to "The Divide" here:

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    What is the current status of your 25 minute short film? Welcome by the way :)
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      Welcome!!! I don't post often, but now I normally just keep a browser tab open with this site, its very fun to keep tabs on everyones projects and very encouraging here.


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        Thank you. The film is currently in preproduction. I just finished the second draft of the script and I am debating whether to write a third or just edit to smooth out the details. Most of the costumes and props have been acquired and I have about 15 total volunteers (there are eight lead roles as well as numerous extras and crew positions), so I would say I'm off to a good start. This weekend I plan on going to the location to start building the camp where most of the film takes place. I'm having a few problems with acquiring certain props, but hopefully I'll be able to find a solution.

        Anyway, thanks for your interest, I'll be looking around here over the next few days.


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          Welcome to the boards :) Keep us posted on the project. I'm very interested in seeing the finished product :)


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            Welcome to the forum's. Hope you like it here. I certainly do.
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              Where in Virginia are you?


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                Originally posted by dvcasey View Post
                Where in Virginia are you?
                I'm in the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester/Harrisonburg area.


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                  Awesome. Now I have 2 guys that are decently close to me. I'm from West Virginia.