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    hello everyone my name is David Isenhower. and after the help i got last night with a little problem i had i just had to introduce myself to everyone here and tell you all about what im working on because i have a feeling ill be around for a while.

    I currently live in jacksonville, fl. Im 20 years old and i am currently working on my first project. It is a narrative comedy where four friends play a
    game together. The best way i can think to describe is, what scary movie is to scream, the wow kids(the name of the show) is to World of Warcraft.
    I also have two scripts that are currently in the draft phase. One of which is about friendship and no matter how strong it may seem at the time, actually doesnt mean anything and at anytime can completely crumble beneath your feet. The second is a comedy about 5 people that work in a retail store chain and there day at work.(will most likely never be made i hate the fact that it reminds me of movies like waiting and clerks)
    im also currently working on a sci fi novel about the man who discovers how to travel faster than the speed of light, with a little dash of love story.(way more than a little) but i tend to do that with everything i write, hell the wow kids is somewhat of a love story, my love for the game.

    i really dont consider myself a film maker but more of a writer but i want my work to be seen therefore ive adopted the role of film maker.(although i feel im giving the title a bad name lol)

    EDIT: I just wanted to add what i do in my free time just so everyone can get a feel for who i am outside of what im trying to do with my fictional career.
    im a big pc gamer i play alot of starcraft, and moba style games such as dota 2 and league of legends. im a big reader i just finished the girl with the dragon tatoo triliogy(amazing books if u havent read them, there a little graphic so if your kind of weak hearted-for lack of a better term- i wouldnt recommend them but they are amazing) i spend alot of time on the internet im a huge youtube fan, im a redditor, not much of a social networking kind of guy though i dont have a twitter or a facebook. well thats pretty much me outside of stuff like hanging out with friends and things of that nature.

    well thats just a little about me and i just wanted to say hi to everyone here and wish you all good luck on your ventures.
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    Hello and welcome! Very glad to have you, and if you need anything at all just create a new topic and we will be on it (so long as we are not reading as well :p)

    I enjoy love stories and movies like "The Time Travelers Wife" which reading your post made me think of it!

    Cant wait to see anything you create!
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      Hey man welcome to the site! If you need anything really don't hesitate to ask! :)


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        Welcome to the boards, mate! You're one of us now :) Make yourself at home and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)


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          Hello and welcome!
          Find me on Twitter: [at]Shadoe_Fox


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            Welcome to the site! You got some really cool ideas and a great attitude towards them! Glad to see you join the side and hope to see you around :)
            The newbie.