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  • The Cleaner - Red Scarlet-X

    Hey guys! Im Timothy Carr, a 15 year old cinematographer/editor/filmmaker.
    Just thought id post a recent project... Was wondering if I could grab some feedback?

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    15 years old huh? Awesome buddy!

    I have a few things that I think might help you.

    Thought it was pretty nice. But I'd work on your pacing. Pacing is really everything when it comes to short films that range from 3-7 minutes. You have to be able to keep to the story, tell the story, keep it entertaining, but keep it smooth all at the same time and sometimes that is REALLY hard. But you did decent, but I think maybe if you put more into the story behind it. Maybe even made the length of it 5-7 minutes and built a stronger story this would have been solid.

    Um. Actors were just eh to me. But can't really expect too much all the time.

    Only other thing to me was your shots. Thought they were clean, but all seemed very plain. Work on adding some movement on more dramatic shots. Make it as if someone is there.

    But overall this was great! Especially since you are only 15.

    What camera did you shoot this with?


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      Thanks! Yeah, in Australia, great actors are hard to find. But, this is much better than some of the tallent we have down here haha.
      Yeah, the shots are a little plain, but if you look on my channel, im never usually doing that style :)

      Shot this on the RED scarlet-X


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        No way? The RED?

        Did you rent it you own an actually RED camera?


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          Haha well, let me put it this way. I have been making films since i was 6 years old... Ever since, i have been saving for my 6 year olds definition of "professional video camera". Long story short, I sold my xha1 and bought a RED scarlet :) (Im back to being broke now haha)
          But i dont own any super nice PL glass or anything...


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            I'd die to just have a RED in general. In about 2 months we are going to start shooting our first feauture film that we have been working on for, FOREVER and we are going to rent the pro kit package for the RED Epic. I'm excited.

            Super jealous of you now though. All I own is a 7D and a T3i haha.


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              Hey well, if your ever up in Aust shooting and need a 2nd camera, let me know.
              Haha yeah i kind of skipped the whole "dslr phase"... Deliberately :)


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                Welcome Tim!!! Love your stuff!
                Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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                  If you're really only 15 years old, and you did this, you have a hell of a great film career ahead of you. It doesn't matter what mistakes you made with this film, you seem to have a natural talent for film, and especially for editing. Just keep honing your craft, and by the time your 20, you should be making great films. Just remember, great art takes time, and in this business, you never stop learning, and thank God, because it keeps it new.

                  Here are my recommendations:
                  As a filmmaker, master the art of script writing and story telling, as it will make you a better director. Master the fine art of being a director, as it will make you a better editor, because in post, that's where a lot of sins can be magically forgiven.

                  People will forgive bad imagery, but they will crucify you on bad audio.

                  Your film can almost suck from beginning to the middle, but if you wow them with a killer ending, they'll think you're a genius.

                  Write each line of your script as if your life depended on it being great, because everything begins with the script.

                  And lastly: A nice film is good acting. A good film is good acting with good dialogue. A great film is good acting, great dialogue, and a killer sound track.


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                    Wow, 15 years old. You make me look like I haven't done anything.. :)


                    Where did you get the camera?

                    If you rented it, how much?

                    How did you find the money to do it?