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  • A filmmaker and wannabe actor

    So I spent about 4 hours straight reading through this forums information, and I just wanted to say its pretty great to have a nice site like this around. Its clean, easy (or easier) to navigate around as I have a personal problem with finding information on forums without google searching stuff. I have beena member a while but havnet posted much. So I figured now would be a good time.

    Charles Livein

    PS. I am hoping to enter the script contest here, workin hard on it

    PPS. I am about to submit a thread, do you mind if I ask what a "tag" is?

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    TAG is when you add "words" to your thread/topic. This helps people find threads through the forum "search" option much easier.

    Reference, (been an avid forum user for a while)


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      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for the complements. We have spent some time getting this site to be where is it. Paul answered your question correctly about the "tags" it really helps people who use the search option to find threads and topics much easier.

      Enjoy your stay.
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        Glad to see that you decided to get more involved. I can agree its harder to find things though Google. Sometimes you don't know what questions to ask Google but can just find it posted here.

        Hope you find everything your looking for.
        The newbie.