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    I thought I had posted an intro message but apparently I have not. Oy.

    Anyway, my name is Mikki and my main gift is acting - that's my passion. However, I am also a filmmaker. I have produced a couple of films and have one in the very beginnings of pre-production. I have also directed skits and shorts. And I have written a few scripts: mostly skits for the stage but my new short film was born from one of those skits. You just never know what something will turn out to be. And even though I don't have professional experience, I am great at voices. Although, I have been the phone recording at work, so there's my professional credit. ;-) Seriously, I have a great reading voice for documentaries but I also have a few different character voices for animation (I would love to be a cartoon).

    I have not been in the position to devote my life to my passion as I am a single mom and my two children have been my main focus, which means I've been working a 'real' job. Bleh.

    I have a website (although I do need to update it) at Home - Actress (no, it's not my own domain but hey, it's free!).

    Here's hoping we get to work together.
    God bless!

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    Great! Welcome to the forum! Does your website have voice samples?


    I am always looking to build my voiceover contact list, and actress list!
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      Welcome! Even when your busy with work and kids you still make time for your passion and that's awesome!
      The newbie.