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    I graduated Drexel University a little over six months ago. I majored in film and video and minored in screenwriting. You can see some of the work that came out of that here Dr. Pat Films - YouTube

    I've done a fair amount of professional film and video work including some editing gigs and a pretty sweet PA job for "The X-Factor" (I still miss the catering :D). I consider writing and video editing my strong points. I also have some special effects makeup training and art direction experience. My ultimate goal is to be a writer and director for feature films.

    Right now I'm an associate producer for 4th Nail Productions a small independent film company in Norwalk Connecticut.

    You can check out their first film here Searching for the Fourth Nail :: A Documentary Film

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    Hey Patrick, very nice to have you here! Looking forward to checking out your stuff, also what roll did you have on the youtube videos im about to watch?
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      I basically directed everything that required directing. I was the sole editor of everything but the excerpt from "Paul's Payne" which had a whole editing team behind it and "Fear?" in which my partner did most of the editing.

      I did a fair amount of productions design including the costumes in the Paul's Payne excerpt and the ships in "Predators of the Void".

      "From the Personal Records of Dr. Herbert West", "Campus Cops""Billiard Brawl" feature my camera work. They're the main reason I don't do much camera work anymore.