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    My name is Dave Shaw. My brother and I recently started a small production company, Lights, Camera, Reaction Productions, or LCR Productions for short. We specialize in digital film and video production. We are freshly established and working hard on getting the first couple projects into production.
    Basically, my plan is to use the video production (i.e. Music videos, commercials, wedding, etc.) to finance the films I really want to make. My goal is to make films that have vast aesthetic distance. The kind of film that once the end credits roll, you spend the next day or so comparing the characters and story to your own life. The kind of film that changes the way you FEEL. And also some projects that I think would be really fun.
    We are based in the Los Angeles area, specifically the San Fernando Valley, if you know the area.

    A bit about me: I'm currently 28 years old. I was born in Mass. but my Mom moved me and my younger brother to LaLaLand at a young age so she could pursue being an actress. She had a short lived career but a few grand highlights. My first taste of cinema came from watching "The Red Balloon" on a projector when I was 4 or 5. I remember being so fascinated by the moving images and swept away into the visuals. I might as well have had the balloon in my hand because thats how real it was for me. It carried on through Disney movies on VHS and then when I got a little older, some more weighty films. The second I got my hands on a camcorder for the first time I would shoot anything I could. I'd use my toys as actors if no one was around. Fast forward some years to when I learned what it REALLY costs to make a movie. Not to mention the cost of a quality film school, and let me tell you, at that time, my bubble had burst. I spent the next decade working one mindless and loveless job after another.

    Yet, here I am. My love for everything cinema never died, it just got swept under the rug for a bit. Once I saw the advances of digital technology and the possibilties of making a digital film that could rival actual film for a fraction of the cost, I knew what I was suppose to do with the rest of my life. So, yes. Here I am.

    I'm going to post in some other topics for appropriate resources but, I wanted to give a heads up to anyone trying to get into the business from the ground up. Ultimately, I'm looking for people with pretty much no experience, who feel like they have talent to succeed in the industry but, just haven't had the opportunity presented to them yet. Well, opportunity is knocking. Open the door.

    I'd lastly like to say thank you. I'm glad that a resource like this is available. Living in an ocean of views and opinions, this site is like a lighthouse to navigate by. So, Thank you. I look forward to talking and learning with you all, and hopefully working with you in the future,

    Dave Shaw