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    I'm thinking that you might have an epic short film that's waiting to be shown to an inquisitive and discerning group of attendees. If so, then PUFF may be what you're seeking!

    The Pop Up Film Festival (PUFF) was designed to support our local communities by providing free screenings of short films at various venues in our communities. We're not big and ostentatious, we don't have a marketing group nor do we have a budget. We're not looking for the best of the best. Just a bunch of creative folks with a really big projection screen and a desire to provide unique entertainment for community members. Our venues include coffee shops, breweries, museums and even event barns. We usually have 25 to 40 attendees per screening event. Events are held once per month and last about 90 minutes, which is enough time for a half dozen shorts with time for discussion.

    What types of shorts are we wanting? Well, just about anything as long is it's not too over the top with violence, sexuality or religion. We like satire, parodies, scary, mockumentaries, drama, thrillers and films that make us think. Extra points if your film is related to Edgar Alan Poe or one of his stories. We don't charge for submissions and we don't charge for's all free. It helps small business improve traffic and gives folks in Western Montana something to do after they've finished tromping through the snow or climbing up mountains.

    We don't provide traditional awards, but we can provide you the film maker with feedback from a diverse group of random people. So, if you're still working out the final version give us a try and we'll let you know what we think. Do you have a unique short that's been gathering dust? Well, dust it off and send it our way.

    If you want to know more about PUFF, visit us at:

    If you want to submit a short film, please visit us at Film Freeway:

    We look forward to seeing your short films!

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