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Audience Awards - GoDaddy Small Business Stories Video Contest

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  • Audience Awards - GoDaddy Small Business Stories Video Contest

    Every small business has a story. This contest will reward the best telling of those stories.

    Small businesses are forged by grit, determination, and passion made with tears, laughter and sometimes sacrifice. The Small Business Stories contest brings those stories to life, highlighting small businesses and the people who have created them.

    The submissions for this contest are documentary-style shorts of actual small businesses from your town. What drove them? What are their biggest successes? Greatest challenges? Why did they start? Why did they continue when the odds were stacked against them? What keeps them moving forward? What makes them smile?

    Donít worry about lighting. Donít focus on ďpolish.Ē These are the stories of the people who are grinding it out every day. Itís about their trials and tribulations and their successes. Maybe their story is told through a voiceover. Maybe itís told through a Q&A interview.

    Maybe itís not told in spoken words at all.

    This contest isnít about technical polish. This contest isnít about getting the perfect shot. Your job isnít to make the story look ďpretty,Ē because sometimes itís not.

    Your job is to tell the story well. GoDaddy has provided points for consideration when speaking to your small businesses. These can be found under the Materials Tab.

    While GoDaddy may be mentioned by the subjects of your film, please do not include GoDaddy logos, URLs or screenshots in your submission.

    How the winners are determined:

    From the first round, the top 10 audience voted and the top 10 preliminary jury selected entries will move on to the finals round to be judged by a GoDaddy panel of jurors. Final Jury winners will be announced on February 23, 2017.

    Feb 13, 2017 at 12:00pm MST (America/Denver)

    Feb 14, 2017 at 12:00pm MST (America/Denver)

    Feb 21, 2017 at 12:00pm MST (America/Denver)


    1st Place Jury Award: $10,000

    2nd Place Jury Award: $3,000

    3rd Place Jury Award: $1,500

    7 Honorable Mention Awards: $1,000 Each

    Please visit the contest landing page to learn more and enter! #smbstories

    Please direct questions to: robin(at)