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    I know a film can not get distribution if it doesn't have all signed releases. But, can a movie makes it into a festival, would there be a problem if I didn't have signed releases from the actors? I don't plan on entering any festivals. But, I've decided to make a short film out of the demo footage I have.

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    You may be asked to state that you have releases for everything that's in the movie. But on a practical basis, no one is going to check if you're talking about small to mid-size festivals.
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      Thanks. I don't plan on it. But, I thought I'd take the footage and try to make a short. It's working. But, I don't have one signed contract from any of the leads.

      What really sucks is that STUPID film-makers like myself who wait to get releases signed, can be screwed with no recourse. There's something thoroughly wrong with that. If someone takes up six months of your time, and then refuses, there should be some kind of recourse.


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        I have them sign before the first kilobyte of footage is shot.


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          I swore after Us Sinners I would do that. Then I didn't. I got fucked even worse.


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            I know it's a challenge on a low budget movie with a (very) small crew, but this is something that I believe you need to delegate.
            The director (who is probably the producer and the writer and whatever all else) shouldn't chase releases. It's something that's very important and detail-oriented, but difficult to do with everything else.
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              Oh... You have no idea...

              Everything that went wrong falls squarely on my shoulders. I accept full responsibility, because it was my script, I directed (till I quit), and even with Us Sinners I did everything but work the camera and act. I knew from Us Sinners to get contracts signed first. But, I didn't listen to myself.

              When I quit, I handed the reins to my so-called Producer. He raised $4000 and was in charge of getting the contracts. This was his contract. When I shot Us Sinners, he supplied the contract he uses. So, I didn't even worry that the contracts wouldn't be signed. After everything was done I asked for the signed contracts. He said they wouldn't sign. I e-mailed all the leads and asked why... Their answer "The Producer told us not to sign".

              Yep 100% true.