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Film Festival guidelines - I'm confused

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  • Film Festival guidelines - I'm confused

    Hello all,

    If someone can help me understand this, it'd be well appreciated.

    I'm deciding on which festival to apply to for a feature length. Oddly, I've noticed that both Telluride and Sundance both require that my submission be a 'North American Premiere' and yet, based on last year's lineup, I couldn't help but notice that certain films screened at BOTH of these festivals. How is that possible? Toronto also stipulates 'North American premiere'

    Which festival is best for submitting to as a first-time filmmaker?

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    Good question, I would like to hear the answer to this too.


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      Which is best? They're all a VERY long shot unless you have connections.
      How does that happen? Really good connections - in which case, they are will to make exceptions.

      There are thousands of film festivals in the US and around the world. First time through the circuit, unless you have an absolutely amazing movie, you're probably better off aiming for something that's close enough to where you live so that you'll be able to attend if you get in.
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        Sundance and Toronto are the biggest film festivals. If you get into one of those, you can consider yourself a big time director already. Other than that, most major cities will have their own little film festivals. You can consider those your practice grounds.


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          If you read through the faqs at Slamdance ( they say that most features shown at Sundance are either invited early or are shown because of the high level contacts the filmmaker knows, so it's not really a level playing field unless you're well known.
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