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Best short film competition - EVER!!

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  • Best short film competition - EVER!!

    The winning filmmaker wins up to $25,000 to shoot one of the top 10 scripts. Winning writer receives up to $10,000 for their short script!

    Writers judge filmmakers and filmmakers judge writers. Its that simple! We fund you to collaborate.

    The writers review films and decide the best filmmaker. The filmmakers read scripts and decide the top 10 scripts. The winning filmmaker selects one of the top 10 scripts to shoot and we fund the production. The screenwriter gets paid and their script made. The filmmaker gets funded to shoot the script.

    No need for connections to get accepted into the festival. You are the judge! If you are a writer, you want the best filmmaker. If you are a filmmaker you want the best script! Writers can't judge writers. Filmmakers can't judge filmmakers.

    Visit to enter now. Pay only when the competition starts (That way we are not holding your money). Approximately 500 writers and 500 filmmakers can enter - That is a maximum of 1000 entries. Imagine competing with only 500 people. TIFF and Sundance had over 15,000 submissions last year.

    The filmmaker owns 100% of the film. owns 0%.

    Why do we say up to? Because its free to enter until the competition starts, we recognize that some people will sign up but not commit. So we have to go on without them!

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