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Call for Filmmakers - Pioneers 2015

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  • No Pay Job Call for Filmmakers - Pioneers 2015

    Pioneers Festival is looking to showcase short films on the main stage at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna/Austria in front of an audience of 3,000 people, including media from CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch, Venturebeat, Fast Company and many more.

    We are interested in submissions of any short film showcasing the positive impact of Technology on Humanity Ė less than 5 minutes (including credits) relating to the following themes [Please Note: These must NOT be adverts for products or services]:

    Future of Sports, Body and Life 3.0
    The Future of Humanity enhanced by Technology / Health, Bio-Tech & Science / Future Lifestyles

    Humans & Machines
    Robotics & Super-Humans / Augmented Reality / Artificial Intelligence

    The Pioneers
    Explorers and Inventors / Medley of the big Icons, the Crazy Ones who change the World for the better

    Future Worlds
    Population, Smart Cities & Connected Worlds / Feeding a World of 9 Billion > Food, Water, Agriculture Technology / Nature, Climate & Sustainability / Mobility & Transportation / Pushing boundaries to the Universe / Welcome to 2015 / Time Travel

    Submit your film and find out further details at -

    (P.S - You can share work that youíve done before and donít have to create something from scratch. Work submitted in previous festivals more than welcome).