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    I know my sentences aren't always worded properly. But, for the most part, people can figure out what I'm saying. When in doubt I've been asked to explain myself. Which I do. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't.

    Zoetrope screenplay contest costs $35 early fee, and I $50 late entry.

    They list their rules and regulations. They have FAQs blah blah blah.

    I'm leery of all these contests. But, I know I have a script "Half-A-Heart" that is written 100% as a script should be written. It has all the proper screenplay elements and the draft I have could be shot as is. The story, scenes, drama it's all there. It's a "lifetime movie" script. So, it is definitely an acquired taste.

    I decided to ask a few questions before shelling out $35. The answers to the questions would determine if I was going to submit.

    The way I look at festivals and contests, if every place received 100 entries at $35 a pop (that's pretty standard) that's $3500. Imagine if they receive 200 or 300. Who reads all these entries? Who watches the movies?

    Someone wrote an article about submitting to Sundance. A guy goes into his friend's apartment and there's a stack of unopened entries. That were never going to be watched. All those people PAID to have their movie viewed, and yet they were never even opened. If you believe this is the only festival or contest where this happens, then I have a contest. Pay me and I promise I won't read your script or watch your movie.

    Below is the e-mail I sent to zoetrope. If you had any questions, this was the place to ask.

    I'd like to enter the screenplay contest. I just have a few questions that I hope you can help with.

    1. I know readers should be impartial. But, if a horror script went to a romance fan (or person who does not horror), could the script be tossed aside because of bias or not understanding the material?

    2. Is there any guarantee that my script would be read from beginning to end?

    3. Is this contest based more on story or screenwriting?

    I've read many uploaded scripts on zoetrope. The majority have decent stories, but the execution of the story is told through excessive amounts of exposition. In other words their stories are told not shown.

    4. Would a stronger story that's told and not shown go further than a weaker story that's shown and not told?

    That was sent weeks ago and I never received an answer. Even if they thought the questions were moronic, they still should have replied in some manner.

    If you think they didn't read the e-mail... give me your money instead. I can do the same thing as these people.

    Every time I start to soften on festivals and contests I ask a question and my outlook of untrustworthiness is immediately reestablished.

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    I would trust it based on who owns zoetrope...


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      I got a bridge to sell you.

      I sent them another e-mail before I posted here, and sure enough not a half hour later ALL my questions were answered, with pretty much what a person wants to hear.

      If those answers were true, I'd have had them weeks ago.