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Call for Entries: Incredibly Short Film Festival (ISFF14)

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  • Call for Entries: Incredibly Short Film Festival (ISFF14)

    The Marley Bridges Theatre Company (MBTC) is once again hosting the Oscar Party at the Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center in Newport Rhode Island. Last year there was trivia, prizes and entertainments that filled the commercial breaks during the Awards Ceremony. This year, they are hosting the first annual "Incredibly Short Film Festival" or ISFF the brainchild of MBTC Artistic Director Patrick Grimes. "Compared to vines, these are epic pictures on the scale of Ben Hur!"

    Comprised of films no longer than 60 seconds, the ISFF is accepting submissions from filmmakers interested in making their mark by telling good stories in this limited time frame. Films must be considered rated "R" or lower and can be in any genre - Comedy, Drama, Musical, Documentary, Animated etc. The film's running time to qualify does not include credits. To guarantee that the filmmakers can include credits, an additional 15 seconds has been allotted to "Total credits time" which includes opening and closing credits.

    Event Management & Consulting provided by:
    Hallowed Entertainment Group, LLC

    Facebook - ISFF2014