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Call for Entries: Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

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  • Call for Entries: Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

    You are a filmmaker? Working in the subject field of nature / the environment?
    Then you should not miss out on this one:

    This year will see the premiere of an international film competition on the topic of environment and nature. In the fall of 2013, Innsbruck, the capital of the Tyrolean Alps, will be the stage and platform for professional and amateur filmmakers from all over the world. With the support of international sponsors an attractive package of prizes is offered for the award-winning films, in total worth approximately 15,000.
    Speaking of award-winning, the Jury of the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, too, is first class:
    the renowned, Oscar nominated cameraman Christian Berger will be on board, as will be Universum filmmaker and producer Rita Schlamberger, the journalist Katja Trippel from GEO/ARTE 360, and the founder of the Festival, Johannes Kostenzer.
    An informative as well as entertaining program is waiting for the spectators during the four festival days from 15- 18 October 2013.

    Applications are free of charge and possible from now on until August 31, 2013!
    Please find out more about our new project on our website:!
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    Very cool. I was looking in the rules. Say I would do a nature documentary type deal. Could it be just showcasing the environment and the nature or do I have to have some type of narration in the background?

    Also. I'm 20 years old. Would I enter in the "Youngster" or in the "Armature" class.



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      a narrative background isn't necessarily required to enter the competition.
      Concerning the category you should participate:
      -The Youngsters category has a limitation concerning the maximum age of the contestants, which is 21, as well as the maximum length of the movie you want to submit, which must not exceed 10 minutes!

      I hope your questions have been answered properly, if not just ask again ;)

      Best regards


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        Yep, that is fine! I won't be able to enter the Youngsters, since my film is a little over 25 minutes!

        But thanks a lot for the info.


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          So give it a try with the Amateurs I'd say!!