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Question about editing a documentary.

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  • Question about editing a documentary.

    I made a documentary type of short film, but I there are sections where the person talking can get a bit slow or the pauses last too long, and I would like to edit those out. However, if I cut ahead, it results in jump cutting and I was wondering, what others do to avoid that?

    I can try to find archival footage or b roll to put over top, but assuming that I will not find enough to cover all the jump cuts that will make sense to the movie, then what do others do to avoid jump cuts?

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    Do you have footage of the listener reacting? It seems to me that that's the best way to smooth the transitions.
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      No this wasn't the type of documentary where there the listener is present to the audience actually, so we didn't get any of that.


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        2 to 3 second film dissolves.


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          Yeah I could, I just hate adding dissolves often.


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            Do you have any of your documentary or fictional videos online? You have asked so many questions asking for advice on this forum and rejected or ignored all of it. Have you actually done any documentary or fictional (movie) work?
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              Sorry I don't mean to reject any of it. Sometimes I feel the advice might overcomplicate things, but I should just apply it and see what happens. I don't have it online but yes I did direct a documentary type short film.

              I did post a couple of short films of mine here before way back.