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Question about editing a time travel scene like this.

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  • Question about editing a time travel scene like this.

    For a short film I am editing, there is a scene where a character goes back in time, and changes the past. Since the story goes back in time to a scene that already happened, should I portray that scene differently, or should I use the exact same shots, takes, and cuts that were done before when the scene first happened?

    By doing that, I will create the illusion that the past seems exactly the same, so far. I shot it with one camera, so there are no other angles, if the actors giving the exact same performance. So if I show the same performance, it has to be from the exact same camera shots, of course. Unless I show reaction shots, while you hear the actor from before, speak in the same dialogue take, the exact same way.

    But if I do this and show reaction shots of characters, who's reactions were not shown in the before scene, will that break the illusion? And also, will the audience want to see about the same 30 seconds of footage, over again, and perhaps get a little bored if they do, if it's kept exactly the same, even in timing.

    What do you think?
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    If the idea is that everything is exactly like the same until point X, after which person A does thing B, then I think you should show a short bit exactly the same to establish the sameness, then have A do thing B, and continue at that point with the alternate reality.

    Just don't show too much for a second time, because it will bore the audience. Of course it may take a few tries with people watching & critiquing until you determine what the "right" amount that you need to re-show is going to be.
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