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My first time editing a music video, I have a question about editing to music.

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  • My first time editing a music video, I have a question about editing to music.

    Basically everything I edited before, the music was scored after the picture edit, and this is my first time editing to music that is already there.

    I feel that when I cut, I should cut on certain musical beats, such as guitars changes, drum changes, or when the lyrics take a different turn.

    However, let's say in order to wait for a beat change, I have to hold a shot for a long amount of time, where nothing much is happening, especially since a lot of the footage I was given, is static landscape shots, and shots of animals, intercutting with the band.

    I have to make a decision on which is better for a lot of the cuts:

    1. Cutting on the musical beat changes, even if it means the shot has to be held for longer than normal, if there was no music attached.

    2. Cutting the shot, when I feel it should be cut, video wise, even if the musical beat hasn't changed yet.

    What approach do you think is better in regards to a music video style?

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    How hard is it to try both and see what works best?
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      Okay thanks, you're right. It seems the best is a little bit of both depending on each cut and each beat change.


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        I like to add markers across the timeline to the beat, then cut on the beat mark. I don't cut on every beat mark, but whenever it feels right, also at times cut between beats. Sometimes the action in the clip provides the beat, such as a footstep or knock on a door.
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          Oh hey! I posted this a few months ago actually, and it's already edited and sent off to the end. They thought it was too cut too fast so I had to slow it down, and not cut on near as many beats :) Thanks, that's a good idea :)