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    Thanks in advance for assistance...

    I'm about to edit about 50-60 hours of raw footage from a few different kinds of cameras off an external TB drive down to an hour or so documentary. It was put there by an old MacBook Pro that's since crashed. I scanned it for viruses with an old Asus PC and now figure I need a new Mac to read it properly, maybe an iMac, 21.5in. 1920x1080 res, 2.9 ghz, quad-core, intel i5, 8 GB memory, 1 TB hard drive, Nvidia GeForce GT 750m graphics processor w/ 1GB of GDDR5 memory I found.

    What do you think? Will it cut the mustard?
    If not, how would you tweek the specs?

    Jeffrey C

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    That may be a bit weak for this and as a result rendering may take some time. Not saying it wont do it but it may be slow. The 2.9 gig quad core is minimally acceptable, the 8 gig memory is ok and the 1 gig graphics is ok. The 1 TB hard drive may be an issue for 50 hours of footage. MAY BE. You stated raw footage. Are you using the term "raw" generically or do you mean RAW. If its RAW 1 TB may not be enough. Look at this link to tell you how much storage you need.


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      I got (switched to) a Mac just last March specifically for editing. I got the exact same computer that a friend of mine used to edit his 90 minute feature film.

      I got a mid-2011 27" iMac with 3.4 ghz i7 processor. It has 16GB of ram and a Radeon HD 6970M graphics with 1 GB of memory.

      The i7 processor is faster than the i5. Lots of gamers use the i7.

      The 16 GB of ram is ok. I am going to upgrade to 32GB.

      I have a 1TB G-Drive to store my original footage on. The computer has a 256GB SSD drive that the OS and apps are on, and a 1TB hard drive that I render to.

      I hope that helps.