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Editing sections then render or put all in one project

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  • Editing sections then render or put all in one project

    Hey folks, bit of a noob question but it'd help me out a lot.

    When editing things like opening credits or separate scenes is it procedure to edit and process them all individually then render down and import to a master project or just do all the nitty gritty in one big project?


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    I tend to edit all of my shots together to make sure everything works well together before I do any polishing. This for me means sound mixing, color correction, and any FX -- stabilization, day for night, etc. ... . It doesn't make any sense for me to finalize something if I will ultimately cut it out later on.

    I have a film that I'm waiting on getting the rights to a musical soundtrack for. Until then I have held off on any kind of polishing, or even replacing shots that I know aren't good enough with shots that are. If I can't get the music that I'm after, I may have to reedit things with a new sound track which would be a major change over all.

    If you're talking about polishing a finished film, it depends on what needs to be done, and can it be done in the program you are working in? I like to edit in Premiere Pro, but I prefer doing color correction in Adobe After Effects. The same for any FX and title work that needs to be done. I tend to export out without any compressions if the shot is short enough because in my master render I will more likely apply a codec over the entire film. The higher the res/color quality for my individual shots are, the better they will look after my master render.

    - Wolf


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      I use Premiere Pro for editing, so I can only describe using terms from that program, but I assume other programs are similar. I create a separate sequence for each scene and do each step I need (cutting, transitions, color correction, noise reduction, etc) separately. Then I combine all those separate sequences into one master sequence. If there is an issue, I can always go back to the original sequence and adjust it.


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        If I understand the question: I generally use after effects (sometimes motion) to create my intros and credits--sometimes even many scenes--especially scenes with digital FX. From there, I will render and then put the render file in the correct folder--then into my FCPX timeline. Even if FCPX can do what I want to see--I do it in after effects, I use after effects projects to keep the workflow consistent and for ease of changes.