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Star Wars 7: Alternate Music and Finishing

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  • Star Wars 7: Alternate Music and Finishing

    Hey Guys!

    Made this video with different music to heighten tension at the silence, whilst also increasing nostalgia for those who know the Star Wars movies off by heart... Tell me what you think:

    Thank in advance,
    Clayton HJ

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    For me, your choice of music does not capture the moment, or amplify the moment, correctly.

    Early in the movie Luke's whereabouts is a mystery, and a conundrum. People don't know where he is nor why he is seemingly missing. Through the whole movie people are wondering this, and the goal with the data that is at the heart of what goes on through the whole movie is about locating Luke. Now, at the end of the movie, Rey walking up the slope to where she hopes to find Luke, a legend to her, is epic. It is an epic moment/event. It is the culmination (climax) of what everyone has been doing through the whole movie, and cannot be down played.

    The music you put in while Rey climbs the slope is more sentimental. It is more of a less significant moment, as if she has gone home and is going to hug someone. This is not the case though.

    Like I said, this is how I feel about it, personally. Others may not have the same perspective.