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iPad that can edit 4K video?

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  • iPad that can edit 4K video?

    I was told there is an iPad I can buy on which I can edit 4K video footage... Does anyone the precise name of this iPad?

    Thank you.

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    iFantasy? Just like phones are not for shooting film, ipads are not for editing films. While they are a neat device for staying connected to the internet, they are not full feature computers. No iPad is 4K. However there is a Panasonic 4K tablet coming out. Its $6,000 and operates on Windows 8.1. That alone makes you want to steer clear. Its called the UT-MB5 and has 8GB Ram and 256GB SSD storage. This is inadequate to run and good editor. For that same $6000 you can make two incredibly superior desk top editors with multiple screens.


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      $6,000 for equipment to shoot AND edit would be above my budget... Needless to say, $6,000 for editing only is above my budget.

      Thanks anyway.


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        I'm not looking to become Universal Studios, or even an independent studio. I'm just looking to shoot and edit good videos as a hobby, and not have everyone who sees it say "this looks so old. Did you shoot that on VHS?"


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          A minimum for editing 4K video would be, for example, a 27" retina display iMac with the i7 processor, 24GB of RAM, and a 2 GB video card. I don't know which video card would be best, but this is to give you an idea about editing 4K video in a way that takes advantage of the 4K resolution. Also, the Thunderbolt external drives are recommended so that you are not killing your hard drive with reading and writing on the same drive at the same time.

          If you just want to make some videos as a hobby then shooting in 1080p will do just fine for you. They will still look awesome and you don't need a mega-computer to do so. Laptops nowadays have enough power to do this as long at you are just looking to make videos as a hobby and nothing feature length or like a very involved, 30 minute short film loaded with special effects.

          You can edit a home movie on an iPad, shot with your iPhone, I suppose. If you want to make a production, well, you can't cook for a restaurant from the kitchen in your house.