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People who edit video games they've played -- why?

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  • People who edit video games they've played -- why?

    Ok, yeah, I am 50 years old, but I still function like I am 19, only with 31 years of experience.

    YouTube is a great resource for filmmaking and all kinds of editing. However, I see TONS of videos where someone has edited footage from a video game they've played.

    Ok, my wife likes to play card games on her computer, but I cannot imagine editing her playing, for ANY reason, and putting it on YouTube, like putting some floating, motion tracked text in it, or changing the color grading of the cards and the table top. Sure, the videos I am talking about on YouTube are not card games, they are usually war games, or some other shoot-em-up games.......but why edit playing a video game to put text in it, or do something else that I cannot even tell is their objective?

    I mean, ok, if someone wants to make a video of themselves digging a hole, that's fine. But if they are going to make a video of themselves digging a hole at the bottom of a hole someone else has already dug, what is the point? I hope everyone gets the analogy.

    I know gamers are serious about playing games. That's fine. Have fun. But I do not understand why anyone thinks anyone else wants to see them change the contrast on some footage they played. They do get that the point of the game is to beat it, right?

    If anyone can shed some light on this for me I would appreciate it. Right now, all I can see are people who don't have what it takes to be filmmakers, so they edit something that is already game footage. It's like people who don't know how to modify a car to make a hotrod, so they paint the rims orange or lime green, or they delete something necessary. I also love how they claim to have "installed" a delete. "Yeah, I installed a removal."



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    Hi Steve,

    I've wondered exactly the same thing.

    But what is really amazing is that their videos are getting thousands and thousands of views and all they probably did was to use Camtasia Studio to record a gaming session, and with all those YouTube views they're probably earning a few hundred dollars a month from the advertising.

    All up they probably spent half an hour producing the video and they get all those views. I spent over 240 hours of work on my latest cartoon and it's got just 96 views. I think I must be doing something wrong, or perhaps I'm just slow :)

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