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Did you see this film editing deck?

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  • Did you see this film editing deck?

    I'm not a film maker and maybe you guys use a different term for it (cutting deck?) Anyway it was huge and awesome black console that looked like it belonged on a starwars destroyer and cost more than a lot of people made in a year. I think this was back in the early eighties but I could be off by a wide margin. Oh and it was for actually cutting film, I'm not talking about an over glorified joystick connected to a computer.

    If anyone remembers it I'd really appreciate the name of it or whoever made it.

    Oh I think I remember the name was some flashy word followed by a number in the thousands.

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    Could you be thinking of a control surface for color grading like this one for Resolve?



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      I worked in editing in the Hollywood system before the advent of computers and we frequently used Steenbeck flatbeds or Moviola flatbeds. We may have had an upright moviola, too, as a side piece, but those are very old school [1930's to 80's]. There were different models. One could run a reel of film and its matching fullcoat track...or others that ran the film and two tracks.

      I wonder if you saw one of those.

      I was about to say they're not huge machines, but in retrospect I guess they were--especially if you compare them to a desktop computer--waa-aay bigger.

      My wife -- who started as my assistant in the film days -- is now an editor at Disney and her Avid set-up is waay bigger than the old moviolas.

      As much as I love my home studio set up, I do miss the feel of the film in my hands. I don't miss cutting my fingers on the rivas splicer, though. Ouch!