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    Years ago when the first beheading video surfaced I had to see it. I have to say it looked fake. Not because it didn't look real, but because they edited it together pretty cheaply. Plus, it's amazing how the condemned never react. Seriously, they take it like men. I'd be crying like a baby and crapping myself.

    I just saw the ISIS video of the Jordanian Pilot being burned alive. What slick editing from truly demented individuals. These people need to be crushed like the animals they are. If you haven't seen it, seek it out. Everyone of age should be forced to see it. Many need to realize what the human race is up against. These people can not be reasoned with, they need to be destroyed.

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    Politics is never what it seems. And worse, we have the media as our source of information about it.

    No, I don't think anybody should be "forced" to see anything that would make them lose faith in humanity. It's the faith fantasy that keeps us believing life is worth living.