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Looking for permanent video editor for youtube channel profit share

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  • Paid Job Looking for permanent video editor for youtube channel profit share

    Hey so i have started a youtube channel im traveling doing workaway so i have some vids on my channel but its a mess i know nothing . . . anyway i need my clips to be ediited into cool looking 2-5min long vids a official page intro to be created and outro maybe. There are many aspects to my channel but for now i it looks rubbish i know but im in south of spain at my 3rd woraway placement and will look to move on to morrocco then throughout north africa over the next year i will also be running a kickstarter soon and have a target audience for my channel and it will be hopefully a niche product in years to come... so yeah i have a basic box account and my gdrive so i can send and recive about 10-15gb of files i film in 24p and i dont like compressing files... for now i am skint so dont even ask for cash for your work i live of handouts myself atm but i will offer a quarterly share in proffits of 30% up untill you get $150 per video you edit... which is relatevly fair i thing and we can discuss a sum id owe you for the intro and otro creation unless there is someone who would like to do it for free...

    ok so the channel is TSLA TranquilState LiveART i will vlog about my workaway and video my travel inbetween placements on a very low budget so will be quite intresting i have been doing this for a few years now so i know how to get about... also i will film long videos of cenery people watching etc vids of around 2hrs people could have running in the background on a spare tv ,making the tv in turn a picture frame for my live art so i will grow myself my buisness plan is solid and this is a cruitial part for its success so i am looking for someone long term that is stable and will work with me for years to come hopefully as i intend to see the whole world doing work away . . . ok so post any questions you guys have and well get started

    if you look on the site now most of the vids will be removed from the soon im just getting my feet wet . . .

    those are the pages i currently have running for the page all the art could also do with updating for whomever is intrested in joining me. . .

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    I'm confused. You put paid job but then you made the comment "don't even ask for cash."

    So you aren't paying people for their work?


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      your a moderator did you actually read the thing or just scan for something you could be picky about because if you actually read the thing you would see its paid on profit share basis up to a certaing amount of return per job so yeah dont even ask for cash as you would get your share i suppose your here justto entertain yourself with silly resposes to posts rather than moderate aye? and yeah if you would like to work with me dont even ask for cash you will get your share of returns on the jobs as the post states ill repeat incase you scanned my post again the dont even ask for cash was in a section of the post where i stated i have no money so dont even ask for any cash as i have none but the job is [paid on the basis it returns a profit of which you would get a return up to a maximum ammount so dont even ask for cash !!! let me know if you u dont understand again what i meant


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        I am in fact a moderator thanks for pointing that out.

        The way you structured your post is extremely confusing. I am moderating the post to make sure you aren't trying to scam people. Which is essentially my job on here.

        As for not actually paying people cash, you're not likely to get anyone to help you. Basically you are telling people to help you for free and hope that one day they get paid based on profit sharing. I highly doubt you are going to get much of a response since you won't be paying out straight cash, plus you are extremely rude.

        Just to inform you. My job is to be picky and read through posts on the forum.


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          ride no honest yes, you were rude for jumping straight in with snide comments about what u assume is my lieing to people and if you had moderated and looked at my previous posts you would see i have been working on this project for over a year now and i think there is evidence of that since my failed kicstarter back in february but i suppose you probably didnt even go to my page or even stop to wonder you just took the opportunioty to ruin my post the second you saw it and im a sufferer of mental illness on a grand scale i could be rude trust me i wasnt being rude as for structure to my post i wasnt aware of any structering rules on posts on this site if you dont get it you dont get it fair enought but dont call me rude and dont make assumptions or jump the gun by making replies that ruin posts with no thought or consideration mr im too good to moderate properly . . . its also not your place to assume you know what people will and wont do your opinion doesnt really matter regarding weather or not you like the sound of what im doing or if its a good offer simply check no one is getting scammed and no fraud is going on and move on not have a gander find a loophole to nitpick at my post and do it just because you can what a rubbish moderator if you ask me how pants you never even bothered going to my profile to read anything about me i bet . . .


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            here mr awsome moderator you can do this next time you assume a scam may be happening to help you with your investigating maybe have a look at thease links



            This great scam where i would trick proffesional editor into edditing my footage which i have climbed mountains to make and walked for miles and spent a year like a tit raping myself to try and get this project going to only get robbed of my equipment and film and have to start again and come on here and get cut down called rude because i am incapable of thinking or expressing myself like others i would have such a scam going in order to get thease guys to edit my videos for me and they would all bestupid enought to keep doing this even if profit shares were not paid out

            you call me rudeon the basis you dont have the drive to got and click three times and see at least what my post history was or anything and im rude. no mate im stressed im tired and im annoyed by you wreking my post mr awsome moderator i woudl love to say and call you a few things myself trust you me but im not that rude sorry to say


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              I literally don't know what to say to you.

              I did in fact click your links. Nope, I did not go to your profile to read about you? Why would I do that? Unless I would like to know about you or something along those lines. I don't really think it is necessary to go to your profile and such, but ok.

              I clicked the links, I read what you said, the ONLY question I brought up was how exactly you would go about paying someone. You put in the thread topic "Paid Job" yet you can't 100% promise anyone getting paid for their work. That was literally the ONLY thing I brought up.

              Calm down.


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                mate i dont care i could pick about the way you moderate all day but you obviously you dont care as you seem to have kept at it with even more little coments like "calm down" you made me angry i havent been rude to you fella you basicall came in moked and acused my post realistically you had no place whatsoever posting here unless you had real reason to be concerned i was scaming anyone and as for the job being paid yes profit shar is paid regardless if anything comes of it you work and agree to do so on the basis that you take a share of the profits if any come from the work that in my books is paid work so if your being as petty as to ask me to justify putting paid job on something that is paid on the basis of a profit share then yes i stand by my original claim that it would be paid work ajust your tone learn to fill the shoes your wearing as a mod be respectfull even when people are rude even tho i wasnt simply reacted to being rattled by you a mod of all things making a mokery of my post. there are two options when posting on the site paid job or unpaid this is most certainly not a unpaid job offer


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                  Dude it's okay lol.


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                    bloody hell everyone making me out to be in the wrong here what ok fella tell me i suffer from paranoia im trying to start a buisness that is aimed at helping peope overcome thease things it took guts for me to come and post here to ask someone to help me on the basis that i would give a share of profits if any were ever made only to have my post torn apart by a moderator of all people not simply another forum user but a mod wrongly wreked my post and your telling me its ok what ok fella pls tell me what you think is ok?


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                      How did I wreck your post by asking a question?

                      Here is what we are going to do. I'm gonna go ahead and make an executive decision here, since this is ridiculous lol.

                      No one reply in here, unless interested in what this guy is offering. Don't reply with another comment about my trying to "wreck your thread" or whatever you are trying to say.

                      IF this thread gets derailed more than it already is, I will close it.

                      Thats the deal. And thats the last time I will reply. Everyone please try to keep it on topic.


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                        So as i was sayin to anyone that can see past my unability to post correctly i am as equally rubbish at edditing videos. But i do however has a buisness plan and would like to work with someone or someone to work with me for that matter. Consider this a paid or unpaid gig, whichever you like i have no cash right now but we would work on the basis that if money t=started coming in you as a editor would recive 30% profit share up to $150 per video you work on.

                        Ok if you still in the clear about what i just asked i would also like intros and outros to be created for my channel. I understand that its a risk as it has been pointed out to me by others but i would like to point out my comitment and desire to see this project get fulfilled and it could be the start of a very lucrative buisnes. Now if you can still get to grips with what i have written and nothing offends yo and makes you feel threatened in any way or at all under the risk of being scammed into edditing a few vidoes for me to upload to my youtubechannel only for me to then run off without paying you and find another mug to repeat this with 5/6 times a year like a tit for ever stuck in a loop looking for edditors to scam into edding my videos for me never risking reputation or posibility that a project i have been posting about on this forum for a year now may fail then please take a minute have a think and if you think you could spare some time further down the line edding some footage for me at the slightest risk to you being swindled out of a whoule half hour of your time every now and then for the possibility of a return then please please get in touch.

                        ATM i am looking after two dogs a bling chinchilla and a shiatsu with spinal problems that uses a wheelchair when outdoors and cant actually use his back legs at all. I would like to upload thease somwhere around the 20th of december for someone to fidle with for me and maybe they will make some cash . . .

                        I suffer with aphasia which comes and goes this means i literaly forget how to verbalise myself i get extremely stressed without reason but i will never lash out unless provoked if you think yo can work with me then i urge you to get in touch as i would like to grow something that is andctually very neccesary in the dissabled comunity its a niche and no one is doing it and i have a insight and can relate to the prospective clients... algo its one hell of a adventure i am trying to set before myselffor my life so thats a little more about that


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                          ok guys so here is some footage i stuck together my camera work will improve and my comunity is growin and hopefully i will create a fanbase i do really need help with my current footage its good but it really needs edditing well i really need help i am comited to keeping on making videos and it will get more intresting and fun i will build my brand and immage but i cannot afford a editor so again i ask if anyone would usualy take on a project under thease term please do so with this one i need help and it will workout its making cents daily but thats cents more than a few months ago and ive not really done anything yet... the more i travel the greater my following will get with people i meet along the way and through their shares. So here is what i was up to 3 weeks ago and have recently tried edditing myself and uploaded... i know i can actually see how badly its eddited but i am not a trined anything when it comes to media other than promotion etc... so i need a eddittor asap i dont want to keep wacting film.