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  • Premiere?

    I have Final Cut Pro 6 which of course is now outdated and HD is hell to work with. A new Mac is roughly 1500 and FCP X is another 300.

    I see Premiere is about $400 and I can get a fully loaded PC fairly cheap.

    Does anyone have both? Is FCP better? Will After Effects work with Premiere and does it do the same thing?

    Avid and FCP have been industry standards. Has Premiere broken into the industry, or is it more like IMovie?

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    Great questions, let me ask around and see what some producers are using right now.
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      I am not too familiar with Premier but Its definitely no iMovie. Adobe isn't just breaking into the industry, its been well planted for many years. From what I understand all the Adobe products work together. I would not just use Premier alone, I would use the entire suite and I doubt there is anything that FCP or Avid can do that Adobe cant.


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        Premiere and Adobe is now the post software of choice which is to say by the majority. A lot FCP users are switching in massive numbers. After Effects and Premiere were made to work together. There is a bridge where you can be working in Premiere and send a clip to After Effects and edit it inside of Premiere. I will say this though, Adobe suit is a resource hog. It is cheaper to use CC and pay $40 a month for AF and PP and you get the latest and greatest releases and all the upgrades. I bought the whole suit for $2600 and with CC I get all the same software and more plus all upgrades for $40 a month. I have my wife on with me so we pay $80 a month. We get a discount for purchasing the CS6 Suite. Otherwise I think it is $60 a month. Now you can just get the selected software you want for $40 a month. I hope that helps you.