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Keyframe transitions....?

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  • Keyframe transitions....?

    Could someone please tell me what this technique is called...its driving me crazy trying to find some tutorials on it!

    Imagine a person walking from left to right, very close to the camera (so close that their head and feet are above and below shot respectively) and as they walk across the shot, the next scene/clip slides into frame right behind them.

    I know it involves keyframes, but I can't seem to find much when I search for 'Keyframe Transitions' so I'm thinking there must be another term for it?

    Also does any know if this technique is even possible in Final Cut Pro X, or do I need to get hold of another editing programme?

    Any help appreciated!

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    Generally masking is used. They mask out the person and keyframe the mask to move with the person. I don't know FCP X that well so I forget if it can animate masks or not.



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      IF FCPX doesn't have actual masking ability, you can probably get away with using the garbage mask--I think it has only 8 points? Since the body is so close to camera--and moves across so fast, 8 points should be enough. You'll have to animate the mask each frame [using keyframes] to follow the outline of the torso as it moves across, but even 16 frames should be plenty and won't take up too much time to do. Maybe 20 minutes. If FCPX has real masking ability, you can make the mask even more precise. I use FCP7, but I do most of my masking in After effects, so I don't recall if there's a mask tool in 7 or not.

      Film Riot covers masking a lot in many of their episodes. Poke around on youtube and see what comes up. I love their videos...very talented bunch.

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