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    So I was in a wedding yesterday and I had my son and another guy use my equipment to film and shoot the wedding. The footage turned out horrible. A matter of fact it could not be any worst. I set the cams up for them and had them familiar with the cams prior to the event and it did not go well at all. I had my son on the main cam (Sony NEX EA50) and Ron on the cut away cam (Sony HDR AX2000). My son had the first two and a half minutes filming the back of the best-mans head. Also the cam was switched to manual some kind of way and the couple is out of focus and there is a member in the distant audience that is clear as a bell.

    Ron was using the HDR cam with the zoom all the way zoomed in. When you are in a low light setting that is a absolute No No! Now in his shots there is a lot of grain. He did not use it for all footage, but for a lot of it he was definitely Zoomed all the way in. HE also kept starting and stopping the record in bad spots where he would miss good opportunities.

    I'm wondering if there is a plugin or software that will sharpen up what is out of focus?

    This was a complete disaster. Right now I'm just trying to salvage what ever I can to make a highlight reel. I've learned a valuable lesson here. The couple did not pay me for this event as i was doing it as a favor so it is not as bad as it could have been, but then too the only reason they were filming is because I was in the wedding and could not.

    My first thought is to go B/W with the footage and use a denoiser to see if it would give me a creamy cinematic view for the out of focus footage and maybe use a heavy on the edge with fine feather vignette to give it a dramatic focus. Obviously a denoiser for the Zoomed in grain footage to try and match the primary footage.

    I will have to meet with this couple and give them the bad news. to make matters even worst they ended up using a photography company that was totally unprofessional. they had plenty of gear but lacked in professionalism. They were totally all in the way of the video cameras and did not have respect for them at all. It was like they never did a wedding that was being filmed. Their shot selection was not the greatest and the focal points were off the mark. I've learned a lot from my wife, LOL! I was giving them ideas on what to shoot because it was what I wanted to capture. They still did not do it, they were money shots! How do you not get the balcony shots in a venue that has a dramatic balcony?

    Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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    This is really tough. It depends I suppose how blurry it is. I don't know of any plug-ins that can do that because if you have already lost lots of detail it is impossible to get it back. If it is a little out of focus only, I came up with a technique to salvage it, although it isn't ideal. Below I posted a before and after of my method.
    Click image for larger version

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    It introduces a lot more grain, so here's what I think would be the best way to apply it:

    1: Denoise and then render the initial footage
    2: Duplicate the layer in After Effects
    3: Set the top layer's blending mode to overlay
    4: On the top layer add a sharpen filter. The amount I chose was 460.
    5: Then add in some contrast with a curves adjustment. This extenuates detail.
    6: Now re-apply denoiser to the new footage, a step I didn't do because I don't own denoiser :D



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      This is some good information. I will try it out and update this thread to how this turns out.