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How to collor correct a film like supernatural?

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  • How to collor correct a film like supernatural?

    Hi, I'm an indie film maker from Brazil. I'll be shooting a zero budget horror film with a Canon sx30is, in 720p HD, 30 fps (I'll edit to 24p). I have a Sony Vegas pro 11, After Effects cs3, New Blue, Magic Bullet looks, Lightworks, etc.
    Talking of color correction, how do I edit it to look like a film, like the Supernatural tv show?

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    Don't know the show, but editing and color correcting are 2 different things...both done in post-production, however.

    Check out youtube for color-correcting tutorials. You should be able to pick up the basics.

    Kurt Hathaway


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      Shoot your film in 24 fps. Give it that cinematic look. Trying to match the color of the TV show relies on how well you light your scenes and then in After Effects or whatever program you decide to use to color correct with is just a matter of trying out different color palettes. You'll want just a little bit of high contrast making the film have darker shadows. Use the curves effect and manually adjust the RGBs to try and match it to the TV.


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        Do you guys know if there is any color correcting option in iMovie?


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          Found this, mate :)


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            Here are a few I found. I'm not sure if your versions of the software are the same as these, but key concepts should be the same.

            I hope this helps!



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              Color grading is what I have been doing for like a week now. It's really not easy! Watch the tutorials and make sure you understand what all the tools do. Then you're just going to have to put in the time working with it (a lot of time) before you have any hope of getting the looks you want.

              You say you have Magic Bullet Looks. That is a great piece of software. I'd say that's what you want to be using.