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Worth converting 25fps to 24fps?

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  • Worth converting 25fps to 24fps?

    Hi guys,

    I'm hoping this question is in the right topic. I just wanted to get some advice. Having recently shot a short film and wrongly assuming both cameras were filming on 24fps, I have had the pleasure to discover that a few of the files were shot at 25fps. As I am using Photoshop CS6 I have read that I can set the frame rate to 24 (~23.976) and simply tweak the audio pitch. I would like a second opinion on this, as I am still learning the whole process, I just want to know if anyone feels this will suffice to get everything at 24fps.

    Also please let me know, if this is actually necessary or if you believe there is a better procedure to employ. Or if there are other programs that may be better suited for this. I am in the UK and I understand that typically PAL conversions kick up the fps from 24 to 25 but I won't lie some of this still goes over my head. We shoot shorts and sketches purely for digital distribution (i.e. Youtube/Vimeo/etc) and are hoping this won't stunt our first project.

    Sorry it may not be evident but I am slightly stressed by all this so I hope everything above has enough information. I hope someone can offer some advice on the best way to proceed.

    Many thanks!

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    I've mixed 24 with 29 or 30. It's kind of a pain in the butt when rendering and stuff. But, the absolute thing to do is combine the two, export a .mov (or whatever version you export to) and see what happens. 24 and 25 is literally one frame. So, I can't honestly see what the problem would be. But, I'm not an expert on it.

    The biggest problem will be during editing. Though FCP allowed me to mix the different frame rates with few problems. It seemed that if I put a 24 and 24 next to each other they'd be fine with no rendering. But, when I put a 30 I'd have to render. Then the next 24 I'd have to render. Which makes sense in a computer generated way. It's seeing different media and reacting with confusion.


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      Thanks for that! I'll try exporting it to .mov, been spent the last few hours reading up on possible implications of mixing the footage. Hopefully you're right and it's not that problematic but life never seems to be that straight forward. I'll keep playing around and see what words of wisdom people have to share with me.