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    I've been fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to work with a wedding video production company as an editor. I don't live locally to these people, so the way that this would work is they would send me footage of a client's wedding on SD cards via post, I would create the video at home and send it back to them.

    The requirements are that I complete a sample wedding video using footage that they have sent me without pay (to see what I can do) and to tell them what sort of pay I'd be looking for considering how long I would have been working on the project.

    I'm not sure how I would go about estimating my payoff. I don't know what would be considered too much or not enough in the world of editing. What would you suggest?
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    Totally depends on the time you put in...which is dependent on the coverage, which I suspect would be pretty good for a wedding, but ya never know.

    Also depends on how many bells and whistles you add---fancy animated titles, stock footage BGs, color grading, etc.

    Be aware, though, that they may be looking for free work for this one job.

    Kurt Hathaway
    VikingDream7 Productions
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