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I'm bored, so give me something to edit!

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  • No Pay Job I'm bored, so give me something to edit!

    The title says it all. If you have any project you'd rather someone else edit, but can't find anyone, then I'll do it for free! Obviously it depends on how busy I am when you ask, but I'll try and get it done. I can do both general edits and colour correction/grading.
    I'm not going to edit anyone's feature film, for obvious reasons, but I'll edit anything under 15 minutes or so for free. If anyone does need anything more complex, like VFX or lengthier/more specific edits I can also do that cheaply. You'd be helping me build up my editing portfolio at the same time so I'll do a good job!

    For the cautious amongst you, here's a video I edited together with incredibly little footage to stretch across the runtime:

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    Ill get you some things later today :)
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      Originally posted by Nick Soares View Post
      Ill get you some things later today :)


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        Hi! Not sure if this is something that you still are doing, but I am definitely interested.

        I am making a found footage film of a boy that has an encounter with the third kind.

        See the trailer here:

        As you can see, I am still very amateur and I would love it if you could lend a hand on editing.

        I hope you can get back to me :)
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