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do I really need the speed?

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  • do I really need the speed?

    I was about to buy a thunderbolt RAID as part of the storage for a zero budget film shoot. The shoot will be on a Black Magic Cinema Camera and when the SSD's in the camera fill the footage will be moved onto portable HHD. At the end of each day the portable HHD will be coped onto a RAID and then the HHD will be stored at another location as back up.
    They want to shoot in Raw Cinema DNG so it's about 500Gb for an hour at 15:1 that's about 12TB. From the RAID This then will be opened in DaVinci Resolve and a ProRes Proxy made. The proxy should be about 1TB for the lot and once the edit is done, XML out, conform in resolve and do the final grade.
    And the question is if I need the RAID to be thunderbolt, in fact do I need a RAID at all. The Proxy's will be ProRes LT and a USB3 or firewire drive can handle that I would of thought. I've never used Resolve so this is where it's all a grey area for me. If the files came from the portable HHD's to a USB3 RAID JBOD (it's all backed up at this point) were opened from here in Resolve, a LUT applied and then the proxy's exported to the same RAID, different disk. The edit done via USB3 and then XML out, conform in resolve and at this point it's small enough to move onto the local drive for the final grade and such.
    Is USB3 going to be enough to perform the steps here outlined? I hate to buy tech I don't really need. Or is this workflow just some kinda crazy talk?

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    I think I grasp what you're saying. The only part I think the RAID is neccessary for is the conforming of the RAW DNG clips. Referencing the DNG clips from Resolve or your editing program I would think would need the fastest connection. I could be wrong, but I think USB3 will be pretty sluggish. It will most likely work, but at what cost.

    I know just transferring via USB3 from SSD to HD takes a hell of a lot of time.


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      Once edit of proxy's (ProRes) in NLE is finished I export XML to Resolve then Resolve references the original DNG's and builds the edit from them inside Resolve. This I hoped was just a hit the button and have a cup of tea job? so how long it took was of no importance. Why do you think it would be a problem? DO you thinks it would not work or would just take a long time?


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        If time on final render was no issue, then that would work, just resolve referencing the DNGs from a USB3 wouldn't be the fastest. So I guess the real answer is, yes that would work, haha.