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Need Assistance. Have several challenging questions about a short video piece.

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  • Need Assistance. Have several challenging questions about a short video piece.


    My name's Al and I am looking to find answers to my questions about this video: The video's called ''Tori Kelly- Fill A Heart''

    Please answer any or all of the questions that you are able to and provide a reason/explanation of why, thanks so much!!

    Q1- Was all the shots inside the studio filmed with one camera or multiple (if you can tell)? If they shot with multiple then it'd make sense why it matches up so well with the audio. However if they shot with one camera they must have had to film like 3 or 4 takes of the singer doing the whole song to get all those camera angles. Or if it's just one camera did they move around the studio during one or two takes catching all the different angles to minimize the risk of the audio and video not syncing?

    Q2- Kind of relates to question one but how do you think they got the audio to match so perfectly with the video?

    Q3- 0:06-0:10, 0:29-0:38, 1:18-1:33, all have this grayish noisy grainy look. What is that specific type called (if it's not customized effect) and how and with what editing software can you achieve that look? At 0:34-0:37 appears to be different than the rest of the gray noise, more of a black white contrast, if you can tell what that is bonus points for you!

    Q4- Notice at 0:12, 0:30, 0:38, 1:17 they all have this transitional orangey purpley flare type thing. I think I've seen it before on videos cut with FCP but would like to know what the effect is called and what programs have it?

    Q5- All the shots of the guitar inside of the studio are grayscale, how can I get that type of grayscale?

    Q6- How many different camera angles and positions can you spot for the shots in the studio? If you want give a tiny explanation of where the camera is positioned.

    Q7- If you had to guess what would you say the frame rate is, camera used, editing software, and did they colour grade the video? Also was it shot at 720p?

    Q8- Can you spot any known filming techniques within the video? If so describe what they are.

    Q9- How long would it take you or on average for someone to film this video and then how long to edit it would you say? If you had a clear vision of what you wanted in your head.

    Q10- Any inconsistencies, continuity issues, unprofessional-isms, problems or better things that could have been done to this video?

    Thank you a million times over,


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    Ok, this might take a while but ill take a stab at it. Maybe someone can give me some backup just in case I have to run


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      Thank you very much for wanting to help, I appreciate it a lot.


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        Originally posted by Mark View Post
        Ok, this might take a while but ill take a stab at it. Maybe someone can give me some backup just in case I have to run
        Sure. Do you want to split the questions?



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          Originally posted by Anonymous Filmmaker View Post
          Sure. Do you want to split the questions?
          Yea, you take the bottom half because i already started :)


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            Come on, me to! I'll just do the whole thing.



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              1. I would guess one camera moved around. I think they shot her performing a few times from different angles and different places.

              2: Probably a program like plural eyes.

              3: Just some color correction probably.

              4: It's called a light leak. You can get some here: It can also be achieved in camera by "lens whacking" or "free-lensing," which means detaching a DSLR lens from the body of the camera and moving it around.

              5: I could be wrong, but to me it looks like it was de saturated most of the way, and then some contrast and some sort of slight glow was added.

              6: So my internet is being slow right now, and I can't really make it smoothly through the video, so I'm not sure. Stupid slow internet!

              7: There is no way of knowing the camera exactly. I would guess it was compressed from at least 1080p, and I would guess 24p.

              8: Just some focus play.

              9: With a clear vision, a day to film, and if you're a good editor, a few days to edit.

              10: I think it would have been better if it were edited more to the music.

              I went through these kind of quick, so anyone else, please feel free to elaborate!
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                Thanks AF!

                Light Leaks, now that I know what they're called and where to get them I'm going to make great use of them! So you think one camera was used, that's what I was leaning towards, but it'd seem like it'd be a nightmare to edit (matching up like 5 different shot angles to the same audio track) which is why I thought maybe multi. Do you think that the audio track of her singing is represented in any of the angles? Like in any of the shots is what you're seeing exactly the same as what you're hearing?

                What specific part of SynthEyes would you use for this type of video? Because SynthEyes seems extremely broad in terms of it's usability.

                Oh and I did forget to ask about lighting, is the studio low lit? Because it seems to have this awesome slightly dark look. Can you tell if they used just basic 3 point lighting?

                And Mark I'm still interested in hearing what you have to ask, just to let you know!


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                  I apologize, I meant Plural Eyes. I'm editing the first post now! Overall, no, they didn't use basic 3 point. There was a lot of different lighting, so I will just go over the shot where she's singing in the studio or stage thing. There is a lot of back lighting. If there were no other lights, she would just be a silhouette with some rim lighting on parts of her hair. Then, it looks like they used a couple soft led lights to light up her face. They seemed to go around from her nose to the right side of her face. (From the viewers point of view.)