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Problems capturing mini DV from DVCam & Cameras

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  • Problems capturing mini DV from DVCam & Cameras

    We have tried to capture mini dv tapes via firewire to a 2008 macbook pro, processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 duo, memory 4 GB 1067MHzDDR3, Max OSX Lion 10.7.5.

    We have tried using a Sony DVCAM, a Sony VX2000, and a Sony Handycam. We have tried via Final Cut Pro 6, which is what we edit on, and also as a test, via i-movie. The mac will not recognize any hardware plugged into it via the firewire port, except a firewire external hard drive.

    Now we are considering getting a brand new imac....but we are concerned we will have the same problem with it. We understand that we can connect cameras and DVcams to the new mac via a firewire to thunderbolt cable....but will this work for capturing mini DVD tapes? We are film makers and have a great deal of footage on mini DV. Being able to capture is very important.

    Please, does anyone have any insight as to how we can capture either to our existing macbook or to a new imac. We can't change the source material..its mini DV tape. Thank you.

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    Ive had this happen before... Few questions

    Have you tried different firewires?

    Have you tried a different camera?

    Have you tried resetting your Mac with the magic black button?
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      From my research months ago, I thing you can hook up a DV tape camera to a digital-card camera....via firewire, I think, but I'm not exactly sure.

      Both cameras need to have the proper output/input connection, so not any camera will work.

      Look around on the internet to find the actual specs....but if you can figure it out and get the right cameras [borrow or rent] and the right connector you can basically press play on the DV camera and record on the digital camera--and the DV footage will be transferred to a card or the digital hard drive. This MAY make the process from card to HD easier from there.

      On the other hand, I'm not sure why what you're attempting isn't working.

      I can still hook up my old DV camera and transfer footage directly into FCP...pretty sure tho'...that you have to connect the camera FIRST--then launch FCP in order to recognize the external device/camera...?? That may be the problem?

      Look up the procedure in the apple documentation. FCP, be sure you use log and CAPTURE [for tape]---and not log and TRANSFER [for cards]. Maybe this is the problem??

      Nick--what is the magic black button??

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