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Distributor wants to buy rights to films - how much?

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  • Distributor wants to buy rights to films - how much?

    I've been approached by a distribution company regarding two 1980's films I own, wanting the "Right to distribute the Pictures as set forth below, during the Term, in the Territory and in accordance with the Basic Provisions set out below":

    1. "Seller shall grant to Buyer all of its rights to the Pictures, in all formats and versions, both those currently known as well as those not yet created."

    2. "Buyer shall be granted the right to distribute the Pictures Worldwide and in Perpetuity, beginning on the date of receipt by Seller of its complete Consideration payment."

    The contract says very little else, and all they are proposing to pay is $16,000 for both films. It seems ridiculous to me. These are full length films, not great art, but marketable for sure. One is a beach comedy and the other is a horror film.

    What is an actual typical price for full rights to a decent B movie? Or for 2? Anybody got any idea? Just a ballpark figure is fine.