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  • Best Online platform for your genre and demographic

    We're currently in the process of choosing online platforms for our feature film, In the Orchard, and have been mining the internet for great sources for what platforms would be best for our demographic, and so far have not been happy with the results. For instance, our demographic wheelhouse for our feature are people over 40, so our first choice will most likely be Amazon VOD. After that we haven't pulled any triggers yet. Anyone know of any good sources for this?
    Directed by Christopher Knoblock, Christopher Knoblock. With Jonas Ball, Pamela Gray, Christopher Knoblock, Jack McGee. Charlotte and her husband John are packing in preparation for a trip to the beach with their son Ricky. Shortly after driving away from their farm, their car is struck in a head on collision and, tragically, only Charlotte survives. Isolated on her farm Charlotte slowly becomes swallowed up in an overwhelming morass of anguish and grief. One night she encounters an injured man, Nick, on her ...

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    Honestly it's a crap shoot, and you need to drive people to your movie. I have 2 movies on Amazon Prime. Both are also on Vimeo on Demand, and one is on iTunes as well. Amazon has been the best.
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      Thanks for your response Mara! Going to watch your films, looking forward to it.