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  • Distribution with true profit sharing

    Nerd Rage News Inc. is putting together a new television channel dedicated to horror, sci fi, and fantasy. If you have shorts, feature length films, or even series that you want to see on television then you should contact me at nerdrageprman[at]

    WE offer a way for you to get your film out there without risk or loss of ownership. We are offering a full profit sharing format that benefits everyone involved. If we make money then you make money but more importantly, people will have an easy access format to watch your artistic creations.

    We are taking applications right now so don't miss out on this opportunity.

    learn more about me at:

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    IF you make money.
    What are your expectations/projections?
    Do you have investors to grow fast?
    We have seen this kind of offers come and go in the recent years, most were unable to reach enough critical mass to even speak about profit.
    I hope you succeed!


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      First year expectations are low but our three year plan looks very promising. We are pulling in investors at a faster pace than expected and the end result is that this is a non exclusive gig so there is no risk or cost for the film makers. We already have rights to show over 100 films, many shorts, and eight series.

      We may fall flat on our face but remain optimistic. Will you get Rich with us? Probably not. Will you get your product seen by many? Most likely yes.