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    Is marketing a film included in this category? I am finding it more difficult than making the film itself!

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    Yes, it is included.

    Yes, it is harder than making the film, depending on what you have in mind for distribution.

    For theatrical distribution, it is very hard if you do not have a "big name" in your film. If you don't have a big name then you better know someone.

    About the only festivals that will get you theatrical distribution (and your film had better be something someone believes they can make money on after spending a couple million on distribution costs) are Sundance, SXSW, Toronto, Tribecca, and Cannes. All the other film festivals are nice to be able to display "Official Selection" or "Nominated" or "Winner" laurels, but Joe's Film Festival will not have major distributors looking for theatrical films.

    Distribber, a sponsor of this forum, is an awesome method of distributing your film, from everything i have read. A production company I did a film with is looking to use their service right now. Look into them for getting distribution through VOD, Netflix, DVD sales, and more.

    I am sure others will chime in with more helpful info for you.



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      I'll second everything that Steve said.

      I've worked with Distribber for my 2 features (Surviving Family & DETOURS) and I've been very happy with their service.
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        For Distribber, do you play a flat fee, or do they take a percentage of each sale?


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          You pay a fee for each service that you want to be on; if your movie isn't accepted, the fee is refunded except for a small service charge. They do not take a percentage of each sale, but most of the sites do (iTunes etc).
          Check out for info on the charge for different services.
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            Thank you so much for the information!